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give2GROW Returns in 2018!

Join us on November 15th for 24 hours of giving to benefit local nonprofits and GROW Phelps County.
When you support the Phelps County Community Foundation you are supporting our area students and local nonprofit partners through scholarships and grants. Together, let’s not just do good…let’s do better!

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Nonprofits Win
Nonprofits Win

Because of you, over the past six giving days the Phelps County Community Foundation has distributed more than $3.7 million to our local nonprofits.

Grow More Good
Grow More Good

Our nonprofits can grow even more through bonus grants and golden ticket prizes!

Give 3 Ways

1. Beginning October 15, you may schedule your gifts online.

2. On November 15, visit www.give2growphelps.org and support your favorite nonprofits.

3. Join in the fun! Stop by the Foundation office from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. to make your gifts in person.

give2GROW is presented by the Phelps County Community Foundation
give2GROW brings those who care about Phelps County together to support the nonprofit organizations who enhance the quality of life that we all enjoy. During this 24 hour giving day, you have the opportunity to support the causes and projects that are important to you while also growing your gifts through matching gifts and incentive prizes.